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About Me

I'm a Humber College PR Bachelor Degree student who is fascinated about communication and eager to learn and grow as a professional. Involved since high school, I found my calling for public relations through my work with Rotary International, promoting great projects and causes in the community. 

Since then, I've been interested in how individuals and organizations communicate to create trust and connection. As we continue to move further into a social and digital world where everyone is a broadcaster and a content creator, I see many opportunities to harness new channels to communicate, inform and learn.


With so many changing landscapes, this is an exciting time to enter the industry.


Student, volunteer and passionate communicator


Beyond the extensive training in media and public relations writing I receive as part of my program at Humber, I've had the opportunity to translate my training to real-life applications in various areas. Working as a consultant through the COVID-19 pandemic, I've supported local businesses as my clients while they adapt to communicate and serve their audiences in an online setting. 

As an assistant public image coordinator for Rotary International Zone 28 East, I serve as an advisor to Rotary clubs across eastern Canada and parts of the northern United States sharing best practices to support their promotional efforts and strengthen their connection to their local communities 

After co-founding Rotaract Canada, a non-profit corporation that connects young professionals and students in Rotary across the country to network, share ideas and create partnerships, I continue to gain experience in both internal and external communications. Working with Rotaract Canada has allowed me invest in innovative approaches to communication and management across multiple levels of a large organization spawning over five different time zones. I have also gained a breadth of transferable skills that come with being on the board of a non-profit corporation.  

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In the age of digital and social, communication happens more and more online. In my work, particularly since the pandemic, I had the opportunity to harness the digital space both through social media and web design.

In addition to managing social media for multiple Rotary entities and my clients, I have also developed a few websites on WYSYWYG platforms. This has allowed me to practice copywriting and messaging extensively, applying consistent voice and visual identity across platforms as well as gaining additional graphic design skills

Photo & Video

A passionate photography enthusiast from a young age, I've been shooting since high school. Through the dual credit program with Lambton College in high school and photography and video courses I took as a part of my degree at Humber, I've been able to solidify my technical skills in photography and editing. I am trained in manual photography and professional SLR equipment, as well as digital image manipulation with Adobe Suite software and other industry-standard tools. I also work with basic DSLR videomaking and editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. 

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