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As part of my volunteer and professional work, I had the opportunity to explore WYSYWYG web design to support different digital communication efforts and strategies. "The medium is the message," and being able to dabble into web design and SEO has provided me with great insight to write effectively for digital and web. Below you will see samples of websites I designed for my non-profit, Rotaract Canada, as well as one of my clients, Junction Psychotherapy. This website portfolio was also designed by me using the same WYSYWYG tools. 

Rotaract Canada operates primarily by collecting and distributing information to and from Rotaract cubs (the local chapters) to foster collaboration and disseminate messaging from Rotary International. As an all-remote organization that started in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, it was clear from the beginning that our website would be central to how our stakeholders perceive and connect with our brand. We took queues and guidelines from Rotary International as the "parent" brand while creating a strong individual identity that carries throughout our communications, from the copy and key messaging, to the visuals on the website and social media.  The website is the culmination of all of our content and our identity. Visit the full website at

Junction Psychotherapy's website was a central part to moving Carrie Cardwell's private practice online. Carrie began growing and investing in her business to reach more clients during the pandemic. Varying degrees of restrictions as the pandemic evolved prompted a progressive shift online. Our priority was to create a communication strategy that would connect the business with the right clients despite limitations around in-person visits and therapy. The website was designed to translate Carrie's personality and practice as a psychotherapist and art therapist and tie together audiences coming from Psychology Today and multiple other online referral systems. Visit the full website at

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