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Writing is the cornerstone of public relations. I'm constantly working on honing my writing skills to communicate concisely and effective while maintaining a strong point of view and remaining engaging, always. The writing on my portfolio below include pieces made for assignments as part of my undergrad as well as real-life samples of my work with Rotary, Rotaract and clients I consulted for. If you have questions about any of my portfolio pieces, let's chat, email me at

For class assignment, group project, press conference and media kit.  

Professor Daniel Schneider

For client, ProArteDanza, Shine The Light Campaign  

For class assignment, group project, internal communications plan 

Professor Anne Marie Males, industry advisor Ashika Theyyil

Emerge Media Award Winner - Public Relations Or Marketing Campaign category - Second Place

For Rotaract Canada/Rotary International, internal communications, newsletter article

Published on the January 2021 edition of the "Beyond Borders" newsletter for the Bermuda, Canada, France and US zone of Rotary International

For class assignment, pitch letter and media list

Professor Mark LaVigne

For Rotaract Canada, non-profit corporation crisis communication corporate protocol

For Rotaract Canada, voice and visual identity guidelines

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